The DeRespinos - Bangor, Maine

In September, I did a fall portrait giveaway and Amanda ended up winning (yay!). I wasn’t sure what to expect because it was my first giveaway — but I’m so happy I did it, because I met an amazing group of ladies!


Amanda and I went back and forth about dates that would work and location ideas, ultimately deciding on Downtown Bangor. I immediately wanted to try something I saw on Pinterest — coffeeshop photography, which if you know me then you know about my coffeeshop OBSESSION. Turns out, that’s exactly what Amanda and her girls had in mind! We had so much fun walking downtown together.

We started off with coffee at Bagel Central, and crossed the street to check out the amazing treasures at the Rock and Art Shop.

We wandered up Main towards the Bangor mural, stopping along the way and planning on circling back to the Penobscot Theatre Company to get photos under the lights. When we got to the theatre, the lights were off and we were sad, BUT, after rattling their door a little, a very nice man poked his head out and said he’s be thrilled to turn the lights on for us (thank you, really nice man!).


On our way back toward the cafe, the girls and I chatted a bit and I feel so lucky to have gotten to know them a little bit! Amanda is an amazing mom with an army of amazing kids. Nina is an aspiring photographer, Kathryn is a signer and a social media whiz, little Emily loves the library and brought a favorite book with her — The Bobbsey Twins.

I’m blessed to have met such a sweet and fun family and can’t wait to photograph them again!