Baby Wyatt - 5 Month Milestones

Most babies celebrate their major milestone at 6 months, but not Wyatt. Since the day he was born he’s been ahead of the game, from holding his head up to growing out of all his clothes. He’s our last (intentional) baby, and we planned on taking it nice and slow and draaaagging each minute out. Not that we didn’t do the same with Lincoln, but we always knew we’d be able to experience it again with another some day. Something about this being “the last time” makes it more bittersweet than with our first baby and frankly things are moving way fast.

Now, at just four days shy of 5 months, he’s 17 lbs, wearing 9-12 month clothes, babbling, eating solids, and as of yesterday he’s beginning to crawl! He’s the happiest easiest baby I’ve ever met, which is nuts because we thought Lincoln was a breeze!

I’m proud, and sad, and all the other emotions that come with growing babies. We recently transitioned from the bassinet to the crib and it’s been going well, except that my husband, Jake, is having a hard time sleeping since the baby isn’t in arm’s reach anymore. Jake has been on night duty from the start, and I can’t really express how grateful I am for it! He’s the best husband and dad and we’re all so blessed to have him in our lives. I could write you a book about all the things he does for us, and maybe I will. We love him to pieces!

I had Halloween off and spent the day with my boys decorating cookies and mapping out our trick-or-treating route. I looked over as Wyatt was grinning and drooling and chomping on his toes and thought “today’s the day for those milestone photos”. Here are a few of my favorites. He only agreed to one pose — toes in the mouth.