Frequently Asked Questions


What is your photography style?
Candid, raw, and authentic connections are what I tend to focus in on. I have a relaxed and fun demeanor and my sessions are more like visiting with a friend rather than meeting with a stranger. Sometimes I give my clients prompts to create a comfortable and casual atmosphere, and other times I simply observe your interaction through my lens. My editing style is influenced by the mood, colors, and scenery of the session location.

Will we get shots of the entire family together?
For weddings — yes. If it’s important to you — yes. Otherwise, I keep it light and loose. I will observe and follow, capturing your authentic selves and the moments as they happen. I will not be posing you up and telling you to smile — we’ll just let the mood lead us through the session.

Do you provide prints, albums, or other wall art?
Yes, in fact I believe it’s a necessity! I encourage everyone to order prints, albums, or other wall art I have available to order. Why spend all that time and effort preparing for your session, only to keep your beautiful gallery stored on a hard drive to collect digital dust? I want to help you showcase your stunning images in your home for you and your guests to admire for years to come!

Do you travel?
Absolutely! I love to travel and explore new places. Any locations that are greater than 100 miles away from Exeter, Maine will have additional travel fees to cover (if applicable) hotel, gas, and food. Please inquire for special pricing!

Do you have a studio?
At this time I have a small portable studio with a basic white backdrop. Over time I will expand my options, but I am fully equipped for clean and simple black and whites or headshots! I do have suggestions on indoor locations or locations under cover in case of bad weather.

How many hours of coverage are included in your wedding packages?
My base package for elopements and small weddings include 6 hours of coverage. This is typically enough time for me to cover everything from getting ready to your after-ceremony receptions or dinner. If you need more coverage, no worries! Please send me a message so we can customize the perfect package for your needs.

How many images will I get?
This is a very popular question and every event is different so as an estimate only:

Lifestyle sessions usually produce 10-20 images, depending on the length and location(s) of your session.  

Birth Stories can produce anywhere from 50 images to hundreds, depending on several factors such as how long your labor is, the type of birth, and hospital/birthing center rules.

Intimate Weddings & Elopements will produce anywhere between 200 and 500 images depending on the length and flow of the day and the number of activities needing to be captured. I know that this is a very broad estimate and you’re probably looking for more information. Please message me so I can collect more details and provide you with a more accurate quote.

Do you deliver every image you shoot?
No. During processing I spend hours culling out any shots that are of low quality. You will receive carefully selected and edited images of the highest quality and resolution.

How long will it take to process and deliver my images?
Lifestyle – 1-2 weeks
Birth – 2-3 weeks
Weddings & Elopements – 6-8 weeks
If you need images back before the estimated turnaround date, a rush edit fee of $200 will be required.

Are you insured?
Yes I am! I’m happy to provide documentation if requested.

Do  you have backup equipment?

How do I book?
Please head over to the contact page and send me a message! I’ll get back to you within 2 business days.

Wait, I still have questions!
Thank you for reading through my FAQ first! If you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to message me!